Order an autonomous robot that meets your needs!

No matter if you want to stick, isolate, measure, solder, bend, order, sort (out) or transport.  Electronics Ltda builds and equips a robot that meets your needs! We are experts in ROS (robot operating system) and we use cheap but effective equipment like the Kinect to visualize the surroundings in three dimensions (pointcloud). The Kinect is used for video game consoles, so it´s price is very low. If you are not satisfied with the resolution you can use a laser scanner instead.


Before delivery we test and simulate all possible conditions in a simulator like Rviz.


In order to keep your robot always up to date we use SCM (software configuration management). This way we are able to track all changes and update the source code to the newest version without losing the compatibility to the predecessor versions. This is possible because every source code gets created and merged with his own ROS version inside his own workspace from the beginning. As a result the compatibility and extensibility of the whole system is guaranteed in the future. This is important if you want to order more robots in the future and do for instance collaborative robotics.

The company Electronics Ltda adjusts its programs to your operating system with Crosscompiler. We even adjust ourselves to your programming language of your program and merge it with ROS. An example would be that you already have a program made by QT that administrates your warehouse. In this case you can expand the capabilities of your program so that your Robot realizes that you order for example a rearview mirror of a Mercedes and brings it to you.

We are experts in hardware too. So we can design and fabricate circuit boards with microcontroller and add them to your robot. This way we can equip your robot with Rfm moduls, moduls for communication by handy or satellit, sensors for color, temperature, gas, moisture, presure, etc.

Just tell us your application and we will make you a suggestion for example how you can manage your warehouse 24 hours a day without staff.